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Australia / Northern Territory / Kata Tjuta - The Olgas

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The Pitjantjajara name for Kata Tjuta means 'many heads'. It was named the Olgas (Mt. Olga) in 1872 by Ernest Giles. Kata Tjuta is an amazing natural rock feature consisting of 36 domes of sandstone conglomerate.

valley of the winds
Karingana lookout
kata tjuta panorama
kata tjuta domes
kata tjuta formations
kata tjuta cliffs
kata tjuta dome
the olgas conglomerate
sandstone domes the olgas
kata tjuta rock conglomorate
kata tjuta the olgas
kata tjuta boulders
the olgas landscape
kata tjuta valley of winds
the olgas valley
kata tjuta cliff
kata tjuta walking trail
the olgas valley walk
the olgas
kata tjuta sandstone
kata tjuta Karingana
katatjuta at dawn
kata tjuta sunrise
olgas sunrise

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