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The Northern Territory is the least populated of Australias Eight states and Territories. The 'Top End' of NT features a lush tropical landscape while the more northern 'Red Centre' Features spectacular red desert landscapes and the Famous Uluru (aka Ayres Rock)

Alice Springs
(20 Images)
Kata Tjuta - The Olgas
(24 Images)
Kings Canyon
(43 Images)
Uluru - Ayres Rock
(41 Images)
red sand dune
three crows
dust track
storm cell
camp fire cooking
desert sunset
camp fire
arabian camel
arabian camels
arabian camels ride
rock formation
Hermannsburg Lutheran church
well hidden lizard
termite nests
termite hills
camp fire ash
remote filling station
camel ride
lizard on a rock
feral camel
feral camels
norther territory landscape
Red Cabbage Palm
Cabbage Palm
palm valley view
dry river bed
finke river
flat landscape
spinafex grass
dead wood
desert flowers
sandstone conglomerate
eroded stone
growing from the rock
wild ass
beer can fence
dirt road
long desert road
finke river gorge
gosses bluff
finke river dry
desert plain
desert plants
arid landscape
todd riverbed
dusty riverbed
mt conner
abandoned house
cottage window
small abandoned house
red road
scrub land
arid earth
termite mounds
telegraph station walking track
kangaroos on thre track
mount conner
dry todd river
outback 4x4 track
palm valley trees
palm valley riverbed
palm valley drought
palm valley boulders
dry lake
dust track road
red sand

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