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Whitsunday Islands, a group of 74 islands off the queensland coast named by captain Cook in 1770

yachts with spinnakers
yachting race
yacht with flags
yacht sailing
yacht rigging
yacht regatta
yacht in the whitsundays
yacht bow sailing
whitsundays yacht
whitsundays flying
whitsundays ferry
whitsunday waters
whitsunday view
whitsunday passage
whitsunday ocean passage
whitsunday islands ferry
whitsunday island sailing
whitsunday island mountains
whitsunday island aerial view
whitsunday island
whitsunday ferry
whitsunday cruise sailing
whitsunday cannonvale
west molle island
west molle daydream
unsafe passage sailing
unsafe passage reef
unsafe passage
unsafe molle passage
tongue point hill inlet
titan island dent island
thomas island
sunset sky
sunset ferry
stormy weather
stormy sky
still water kuckle reef
spinnaker yacht
spinnaker sailing yachts
spinnaker sailing
south molle sailing
south molle island
south molle afternoon
south molle
snorkel area
smith islands
sky at sunset
shute jetty
shute harbour yachts
shute harbour view
shute harbour terminal
shute harbour jetty
shute harbour ferry terminal
shute harbour
shute harbor view
shute harbor
semi sub boat
sailing whitsundays
sailing hook island
rocks off hayman
resort daydream island
reef pontoon
racing yachts
racing catermaran
proserpine wetlands
proserpine from the air
pioneer bay storm clouds
pentecost island
new resort daydream
lone yacht
linderman mansell keyser
linderman islands
linderman island
leaving knuckle reef
knuckle reef pontoon
knuckle reef
knuckle pontoon
islands under clouds
hook island yacht
hook island windsundays
hook island ship
hook island sailing
hook island panorama
hook island observatory
hook island
hook from hayman
hill inlet whitsundays
hill inlet whitehaven beach
hill inlet sands
hayman resort
hayman island sailing
hayman island resort
hayman island north
hammer island blacksmith
hamilton island runway
hamilton island
goldsmith whitsundays island
goldsmith island
gloucester yacht race
gloucester islands whitsundays
gloucester island sunrise
gloucester island sailing
gloucester island resorts
gloucester island race
gloucester island queensland
gloucester island
evening sailing
double cone islands
diving pontoon
dive pontoon
dent island palms
dent island golfcorse
dent island from the water
dent island and ferry
dent island
dent golf corse
dent and titan island
dent and hamilton
deck sunloungers
daydream whitsundays
daydream west molle
daydream view
daydream resort
daydream panoramic
daydream new resort
daydream jetty
daydream island view
daydream island resort buildings
daydream island resort
daydream island ferry
daydream island evening
daydream hill
daydream coast
daydream buildings
daydream beach
cruise whitsundays pontoon
coral islands from above
conway range
cid harbour
camira whitehaven
camira sailing cat
camira anchored whitehaven
black smith hammer island
beach daydream island
airlie beach sunset
airlie beach dingy sailing
airlie beach dinghy race
airle beach yachts
airle beach

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